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No one offers free shipping! Those who claim to do so enjoy high margins. This is not our case, because we want to share our passion with as many people as possible.
In this Dien Chan instrument catalog, shipping costs (shipping + bank commission) are calculated based on the total weight of your order and the destination.
Compare what is comparable! The real multireflex tools are made of natural horn and mimosa wood to avoid polluting plastics that disturb the skin flora.

How to buy my tools

Add tools to your order by clicking on the shopping cart icon + on the tool index card.
When you are ready to complete your purchase, click on the black shopping cart at the top right of the page.
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Click the -VALIDATE- button to proceed to the payment page at DienShop (the official EiMDC shop), allowing you to pay using the PayPal™ electronic payment system, which offers a secure connection (https://www.paypal.com) Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

Most credit cards are accepted. The page changes automatically to your language and offers the forms of payment available in your country.
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If paying with PayPal™, you do not receive a response from us or from PayPal within 48 hours, it means that your payment has not been validated. Please contact us at contact@multireflexology.com.

If you choose to pay for your purchase by Bank transfer you will have to refill the form with your details. We will contact you with an estimate for your order and banking details for the transfer.
Once we receive the payment we will contact you with a tracking number for your parcel.

The DienShop is not responsible for any fees charged by your bank for the transfer of payments to us for purchases. These fees are your responsibility and will not appear on your estimate.
Bank Transfers can be slow. However if we have not contacted you confirming receipt of the transfer after 5 business days, please e-mail us at contact@multireflexology.com so we may look into it.

Please ensure that your delivery address and geographical delivery area correspond.
If they do not, payment of the difference in cost for shipping between the two locations will be required, prior to dispatching your order.
In the unlikely event that you receive a defective tool, please contact us (contact@multireflexology.com) within 3 business days, including a photo of the item showing the defect.
At its discretion, DienShop will replace the item.
Please remember that multireflex tools are individually handcrafted from natural, sustainable materials. Variations in colour and patterning are normal.

The shopping cart limits the number of individual pieces ordered of a reference number to 9 (ie: 9 pieces of nº101 Detector).
For larger orders of an individual tool please contact us, submitting your entire order, using any of the following:
The form provided in the catalogue (Contact Us), by e-mail to, contact@multireflexology.com or call +33 (0)767 880 190 [France].
We speak English, Spanish and French.
There are special conditions for orders of 20 pieces or more of the same reference number. Please contact us.

Receiving the tools

On receipt of payment, we'll send you confirmation by email to the address provided when making payment.

Packages are sent by certified post from France, to the address given at the time of purchase.
Once it has been delivered to LaPoste, you will receive an email from the DienShop with a tracking number (if ±4 tools) for your order. You'll be able to track your package by following an electronic link.

We've been shipping worldwide every week since 2002. The services of LaPoste are functioning perfectly at the time of writing (mars 2023), but delivery times may vary according to the country of destination and customs services.

If you have not received your package within 26 days of our shipping confirmation, please contact us so that a formal investigation and claim can be made.
Unfortunately, no claims may be made before this time.
However once the investigation and claim has been settled with LaPoste, we will resend your order or, if you prefer, return your money.

Save delivery costs by visiting our office in Pierrefort in the beautiful region of Cantal, France. Contact us by email at contact@multireflexology.com to arrange a time.

As well as natural and fair trade manufacturing, Multireflex strongly believes in the environment and sustainability. So we use recycled packaging to ship your tools. Since 2002 we have given a second life to boxes. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and our costs.
To see how we recycle, take a look at this short video.


By purchasing multireflex tools you are helping to finance the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan as well as research projects that we undertake.
And we strongly believe in supporting fair and economic prices to purchase raw materials and to cover manufacturing costs.

For Euro zone customers: If you have an intra-Community VAT number and would like to make your purchase as a professional, please write to admin@multireflex.com and ask for a quote, specifying reference numbers, quantities of each tool, delivery location, method of payment (do not send credit card details) and your intra-Community tax number and full details.

Our company, Dien Chan Multireflex (tax number FR84955471200018) issues the invoices. All sales are French and follow the taxation regulations currently in force. No customs taxes paid will be refunded.

Effects of the tools


Our multireflex tools allow you to treat yourself and quickly relieve structural and visceral pain. Local stimulations using the body tools reactivate microcirculation of blood and lymph in the area treated.
The tools are classified into different categories according to their effect.

High quality and handmade using sustainable methods, they produce fast, complementary results for both health practitioners and natural beauty specialists.
The natural horn is recovered from animals working in farming. No animals are harmed or bred for their horn.

How to use the tools
Each tool can be used for numerous treatments thanks to its rebalancing effects. View full descriptions, directions for use and video tutorials by clicking on the name of the tool in the sales catalogue.

Yin-yang classification
We have borrowed the yin-yang terminology to describe the effects of each group of tools. You do not need to be trained in traditional Chinese or Western medicine to use them properly. Dien Chan tools can be used both physiologically and energetically; they are holistic.

Maintenance of the tools
The natural horn has antiseptic properties. However every part can receive some special care. You will find all the details in the electronic brochure available on care.multireflex.com.

Yang effects

Tools that help to revitalize, heat, channel and dry produce effects that are considered yang. They are ergonomic and adapt perfectly to the curves of both face and body. Their spiked balls, hand-carved in natural horn, produce immediate results without damaging the skin or causing allergies. The detectors and brushes also create yang effects, whereas the rakes produce very relaxing effects.

Chan'beauté uses yang tools to remodel, mobilize body fluids and tone the skin. They are used to treat complaints that involve cold. Most Chan'beauté treatments begin with stimulation using a yang tool to achieve deeper, longer-lasting effects.

Yin effects

The tools that serve to disperse, calm, relax, cool and hydrate provide effects described as yin. They are made of copper or stainless steel with a handle of natural horn or wood.

In Chan'beauté, yin tools are used to irrigate, hydrate and drain. They are also very effective in treating complaints that involve heat. For example, to smooth wrinkles and scars, prepare the skin with 1 minute of yang stimulation, then nourish and drain using the yin tool.

Yin & yang tools

The tools with two complementary ends are practical to use and to carry round in your pocket. A combination of their effects according to the complaint makes for very good results.


The book
We started writing the Dien Chan books in 2002, and in 2009 we published —ABC du Dien Chan (Edt. Grancher, Paris)—. All royalties go to Professor Bùi Quôc Châu to thank him for sharing his marvellous technique. We published the course book that is given to DienChan'reflex module students, in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It contains all known information to date, the various facial reflexology diagrams and the complete map of set points. Without simplification or adaptation, this manual (on sale in the catalogue) contains all the theory and over 70 treatment diagrams.

In 2013, we also published the interactive version for iPad (iBook). This was also an opportunity to improve the illustrations and the maps and diagrams. You can get a free sample from the AppStore or directly from the index card of the iBook in this catalog.

All our publications are also on books.multireflex.com

The MiniBook
This handy pocket manual offers all the Dien Chan reflex diagrams at your fingertips. Showing the set points in colour, it is highly appreciated by health practitioners and Chan'beauté natural beauty specialists alike.
Its 11x11 cm format makes it easy to share with the patient, illustrating our tips and hints.

The Faceasit application
An excellent way to get to know facial reflexology is to download the free version of Faceasit'reflex. This incredible digital tool calculates treatments in real time; just situate the disorder on the body and select the symptoms. Faceasit then proposes a map of reflex areas and pointers.

For the pupil and the professional, the Faceasit'clinic version allows to realize the follow-up of the patients and keep the history. Furthermore, it allows to modify and to create personalized formulae. To add points and to remove others as well as to complete the treatment with your advice and proposals of the most adapted tool, it is now a child's play!

The Faceasit'pro version allows you to study the technique by interrelating the diagrams, points and anatomy.

The Faceasit'clinic version for professionals lets you modify the formulas of set points and create patient follow-up.
Faceasit'clinic became the definitive application of facial reflexology and helps us to understand the relations between the diagrams of Dien Chan and the fixed points of the face. Then you also have the possibility of modifying formulæ and to personalize your protocols.

Complement it by watching the videos at www.Faceasit.com.

If a tool does not appear in the catalogue, it is because it is not available right now. We constantly update our stock and announce new products. Each fact file provides links to more information and directions for use.
Open the fact file by typing in the number of the tool followed by .multireflex.com.

Terms of sale

By requesting a quote or paying for an order, you agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

By making a payment by card through the PayPal™ gateway (without obligation to have a PayPal account or to open one), you will receive a confirmation from PayPal.
Then, you will receive an email from us to confirm the data entered at the time of payment (postal address, mobile phone, etc.). Please check your spam

Upon receipt of your payment, your package will be sent in less than 7 working days and we will inform you.

Your details are not copied, but entered automatically. If the address provided is not correct, and as a result, the package is lost or returned to us, we will contact you. It will be returned to you at your expense.

❉ If you no longer want it, we will only refund the amount of the material with a 25% penalty and without the shipping costs.

❉ If you receive the damaged material, please notify us within 7 working days from the date of receipt by sending us a photo of the damaged package. After complaint, we can send you the replacement equipment free of charge.

🌿 Multireflex tools are sustainably crafted. We use noble materials such as real horn, which has natural antistatic and antiseptic properties, stainless steel and mimosa wood for its antispasmodic properties. Each multireflex tool is different and the visible veins are natural.

Département administratif et légal de Dien Chan Multireflex m.e. immatriculée au RCS et à l'INSEE, EORI: FR84955471200018.


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