The educational booklets of Dien Chan

de l' International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

Revitalize your Dien Chan practice and enhance your approach with our educational booklets!
Whether you're an experienced therapist or a beginner intrigued by this modern and natural method, these guides are specially designed to support you and refine your expertise.
Choose a theme and strengthen your mastery to achieve both quick and profound results.

Note: Some of these booklets are also included in our multireflex toolkits. From the booklet's profile, you can access the kits in which it is included.

Natural Anticellulite


Discover how to control cellulite and embrace summer with confidence!
Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the appearance of cellulite on certain areas of your body?
No need to panic, you are not alone, and we understand how it can make you feel uneasy.
No need for infernal machines or magical creams. By understanding the phenomenon, you will achieve visible results in very few sessions.
Apply our Chan❜beauté secret to say goodbye to cellulite and achieve radiant skin with simple and effective techniques.
Our fascicles and immerse you in a world of natural beauty and self-confidence that you cannot miss!
Stress and nervus system


Studies have confirmed that Dien Chan point stimulation reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves sleep quality, and helps manage chronic pain.
In our modern society, we are often overwhelmed by the fast pace of our daily lives, which disconnects us from ourselves. When our nervous balance is disrupted, negative emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, anger, and even loneliness may arise. These emotional imbalances can also affect our nervous system, impacting our overall well-being and causing various health issues.
Emotional balance


This practical guide offers an innovative approach by combining solutions proposed by major medical trends with specific Dien Chan techniques. Through targeted care and reflex stimulations, we will address the management of emotions in a comprehensive and holistic manner.
In this eBook, we will also explore the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that correspond to the energetic functions of organ-viscera pairs. By acting on these elements and their associated organs, we can specifically examine and treat each emotion.
This booklet is designed to provide you with practical tools and innovative approaches to better manage the emotional sphere using Dien Chan techniques.
Joint inflammations


Discover natural solutions to relieve joint inflammations through facial reflexology and the incredible effects of multireflex tools.
Instead of resorting to anti-inflammatory drugs, explore these natural solutions to alleviate pain in a more sustainable way.
This educational eBook guides you step by step through the protocols of Dien Chan to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promote self-regulation of the body, and improve internal lubrication of the affected joints.
Double chin


Fortunately, more and more people concerned about their well-being and the environment are seeking natural solutions for self-care. This is where Chan❜beauté comes into play, a revolutionary beauty method that draws from Dien Chan knowledge and utilises multireflex tools for astonishingly simple and long-lasting results.
In the «Reduce double chin» eBook, we teach those who understand that natural solutions are far more potent than so-called magic creams.
Discover this treatment and incorporate its secrets into your beauty and well-being routine!
Be prepared to be amazed by the effectiveness of this natural method and embrace a new approach to your inner and outer beauty.
Boost your immune system


Let’s learn to strengthen our immune defences through a natural and effective approach!
Too often caught up in the whirlwind of modernity, we frequently neglect our own powers. However, Dien Chan treatments awaken our common sense and allow us to preserve and restore the natural metabolic balance of our body.
The eBook «Immune System» immerses you in a world where delicate stimulation, without ever damaging your skin, will undo energy blockages and reinforce the functions of each organ. You will discover precise techniques to fortify your immune system and thus avoid the inconveniences of many common disorders.
Don’t leave your well-being to chance. Take control of your health by practising Dien Chan!
This eBook offers you valuable information and wise advice from Dien Chan experts.
Invest in your health and discover the secrets of enhanced immunity through Dien Chan.