eBook «Joint inflammation»

eBook «Joint inflammation»

Don’t let joint pain ruin your life!
Thanks to the combined yin and yang effects of multireflex tools, you can deeply refresh, reduce inflammation, relax the painful area, and improve the functionality of your immune system.

The eBook is organised into different groups of joints, allowing you to specifically target small joints, back pain, large joints, and neck pain. Each protocol is carefully explained and illustrated with care diagrams and bqc·points maps, making it easy for you to follow the steps and visualise the techniques to be performed.

Choose a natural and comprehensive approach to manage your joint inflammations and discover how Dien Chan can help you regain comfort and mobility.

Discover the exceptional potential of Dien Chan —the original method of facial reflexology— through this educational eBook. You will learn modern and dynamic techniques for treating joints. It is a unique method that cleverly combines gentle massages with multireflex tools and precise acupressure without harming the skin.
By studying the diagrams of reflection and fixed point maps on the face, you will be able to quickly restore energy balance and unleash the natural healing potential of your body.

Each chapter of the booklet is carefully detailed and accompanied by interactive links to the explanatory video, allowing you to easily assimilate the essential techniques and gestures.

You will discover specific protocols for different groups of joints:
- Small joints (fingers, hands, wrists, etc.)
- Back joint pain
- Large joints (knees, hips, etc.)
- Neck pain
In addition, specific bqc·points formulas are provided to reinforce your treatments and stimulate the organic functions associated with each problem.


eBook «Joint inflammation»

As always, the team of Dien Chan experts offers protocols suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of expertise.

Even if you are a beginner, you can safely apply the treatments by following the clearly explained and illustrated steps.

This eBook has been designed to help you master each step of Dien Chan care by providing clear explanations and a practical approach. This will allow you to achieve remarkable results while progressing safely in your practice.

By deepening your knowledge of Dien Chan, you can take advantage of the additional indications provided in the booklet. These indications include specific bqc·points formulas to stimulate and reinforce your treatment, and to energise the organic functions related to the specific condition.

To stimulate facial bqc·points, our experts recommend using Detector nº101 or nº103, which you can easily find in the complete catalogue at www.dienshop.com.

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eBook «Joint inflammation»

eBook «Joint inflammation» ➸ 17,00€
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