eBook «12 morning massages»

eBook «12 morning massages»

These simple yet powerful exercises are an effective tool against various ailments, providing vitality to the skin and body. These massages form an ideal morning routine to stimulate our self-regulation process, the best defense against internal imbalances.
Inspired by Tai Chi movements, the precision and comprehensiveness of the 12 Dien Chan massages come from Dien Chan reflex diagrams Each gesture is explained through these patterns, offering a targeted and holistic approach.

To incorporate these massages into your routine, practice them diligently for the first three weeks. Then, choose the ones that best suit your age and physical condition.
• For the lazier ones, massage #7 strengthens the immune system in winter, while #4 provides a natural solution to regulate intestinal transit.


eBook «12 morning massages»

Share these massages with your clients and friends. They have already transformed the lives of many enthusiasts, awakening the natural vitality of their bodies.

To facilitate transmission, we provide an illustrated PDF document and an explanatory video.
Preserve your well-being every morning with the 12 Dien Chan massages, a practice that combines traditional wisdom and tangible results.

eBook «12 morning massages»

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