eBook «Stress and nervous system»

eBook «Stress and nervous system»

Dien Chan is an effective and natural method for managing stress and issues related to the nervous system. With proven results, this method is increasingly recognized as a viable alternative to medications and invasive treatments.

We rely on the discoveries of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, who succeeded in alleviating withdrawal symptoms in his drug-addicted patients. Simple daily techniques can calm the nervous system and relax the muscles to eliminate accumulated tensions.

In this brochure, we detail the protocol for regulating the nervous system. Learn to effectively use the multireflex tools to avoid the discomfort caused by stress.

Stress management in Dien Chan involves gently raking the scalp with the Yin rake nº416 to regulate cerebral and energetic microcirculation. It is then necessary to identify the type of stress and translate this information to detect repressed emotions.

We then use bqc·point formulas that strengthen the treatment and stabilise the nervous system.

If the person experiences a noticeable change accompanied by a sense of calm, the treatment is considered successful. We can then offer the «Antistress» chart and recommend acquiring the Little-hammer for daily use.


eBook «Stress and nervous system»

Thanks to our knowledge and powers of observation, we are able to act immediately by engaging in dialogue with the client or conducting introspective analysis for self-treatment. Dien Chan invites us to deepen our knowledge and explore different approaches to strengthen our care. We draw on both Western medicine definitions and explanations from traditional Chinese medicine.

By understanding the physical and emotional effects triggered by stress, we can regain the calm and tranquility we all aspire to. Embrace this natural method that gently rebalances your nervous system.

To achieve optimal results in your quest to rebalance the nervous system, follow the simple and precise steps described in this eBook.
First, we create a conducive environment for the person to relax. Then, we ask specific questions to locate dysfunctions.
After that, we select the most appropriate reflection scheme and use the multireflex tools to work on facial reflex zones.
Next, we apply a suitable bqc·points formula and engage in an exchange with the client to assess the sensations and relief experienced.

With this exceptional method, you can achieve the optimal results you seek in rebalancing your nervous system.

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eBook «Stress and nervous system»

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