eBook «Anticellulite»

eBook «Anticellulite»

You may have been led to believe that cellulite is an enemy to be fought at all costs, but it is time to change that perception. In reality, nearly 80% of women are affected by cellulite, and this should never make you doubt your beauty.
Today, we offer you a natural and highly effective treatment to bid farewell to the orange peel effect and embrace your body with love.

Our professionals have exclusively designed this program for you, so you can experience a wonderful sensation and feel fully fulfilled.
You will learn to identify the different types of cellulite and adapt your treatment precisely. By strengthening your lymphatic system, you can bid farewell to accumulated fats and achieve a more refined appearance.

So, don’t let cellulite deprive you of the pleasure of enjoying a day at the beach. Join us now to discover these revolutionary methods and start celebrating your natural beauty with pride!
Don’t wait any longer and dive into this well-being adventure that will change your self-perception and help you fully blossom.
Discover the Chan❜beauté secret to shine without complexes!

Discover this natural ritual for a firm and sculpted body!
To offer our clients a complete well-being experience, we have developed a fascinating anticellulite protocol that we break down to precisely address each part of the body.
Each step of this ritual has been meticulously designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and visible results from the first session.
However, if your client wishes for a complete body treatment, you will need to allocate at least 90 minutes.

We guide you step by step and provide valuable advice on the optimal use of the multireflex tools. Thanks to this expert approach, you will know how to make the most of each phase of the treatment.
Moreover, the eBook gives you access to a private video demonstrating the gestures to optimise your work.
So, let yourself be guided and discover the transformative power of a tailor-made treatment.


eBook «Anticellulite»

Our anticellulite protocol is revolutionary because it doesn’t just focus on the body; it also extends to reflex zones on the face to consolidate its effects, restore organic balance, and reveal your integral beauty.
By using the incredible multireflex tools, we stimulate key areas of the body, skilfully combining yang and yin effects to eliminate fats and work towards a sculpted silhouette.

But that’s not all! The strength of Chan❜beauté lies in going even further by directly interacting with the brain to encourage energy circulation and the flow of vital fluids. This comprehensive approach offers a feeling of lightness and profound well-being that will spread throughout the body.

The secret lies in the advancements of Chan❜beauté, which ensures harmony between inner and outer beauty.
You will feel fulfilled, liberated, and fully in tune with your true self.
This eBook has an exclusive surprise for you: a complete video detailing all the gestures and their indications. This audiovisual resource will guide you step by step through the treatment to facilitate understanding of the written explanations.
Dare to live this empowering experience to let your shine brightly!

Discover Chan❜beauté, a young and modern beauty method, born from a fusion of ancestral and contemporary knowledge. This natural and ecological approach promises to enhance your beauty while soothing your mind.
Since 2005, our professional aesthetician students have witnessed improvements in their facial treatments using multireflex tools. Thanks to Chan❜beauté protocols, the active ingredients of products are multiplied after preparing the skin optimally.

But Chan❜beauté doesn’t stop there! During the session, the client can express their discomforts, providing valuable information for targeted and tailored actions according to their specific case. This approach allows us to trace back to the origins of internal dysfunctions that manifest as aesthetic imperfections.
The face then becomes a true mirror of our vitality, and visible signs such as beauty marks, wrinkles, and spots indicate potential internal issues.
By projecting the diagrams of reflexion onto the face, we can establish a more precise interpretation and create suitable treatment protocols.

By combining gentle mechanical actions of multireflex tools with innovative knowledge, Chan❜beauté is a quick and effective technique to reveal inner and outer beauty.
Whether you are a professional or wish to practise Chan❜beauté for self-care, this unique method invites you to experience a harmonious blend of well-being and radiance!

In addition, we will explore how the «Reflexdrainage» protocol becomes the best ally to stimulate the lymphatic system in a reflexology way in this type of treatment.
Proper practice facilitates the elimination of toxins mobilised during the previous stages.
It is essential to have a good understanding of this protocol and apply it correctly to fully benefit from its numerous advantages.
That’s why we invite our students to access the complete dossier from the eBook and enjoy its exclusive video to master every aspect of the Reflexdrainage.

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eBook «Anticellulite»

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