eBook «dry eyes»

eBook «dry eyes»

This handbook offers a deep dive specifically designed to treat dry eyes.
Our detailed care plan begins by addressing the overall state of the individual, ensuring a holistic approach to their comfort.

Through different reflex diagrams, we continue with a holistic assessment, highlighting the relationship between the eyes, knees, neck, and exploring possible links with the endocrine system.
Learn to harness the yin effects of multireflex tools, such as the golden sphere, to stimulate natural eye hydration and treat lacrimal glands.

The development of a personalised formula results from the creation of a constellation of bqc·points, encompassing those related to the urinary and reproductive systems, as well as points suggested by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emphasising the importance of a meticulous evaluation of precise bqc·points, recommendations are provided to optimise the efficiency of the treatment.

This handbook is included with the exclusive «Precious Gaze» and «Ocular Harmony» kits, offering specific multireflex tools to address issues related to dry eyes.


eBook «dry eyes»

Patients are encouraged to continue the exercise at home with instruments such as Beauty-brush nº252.
Self-treatment guidelines, including the ongoing use of multireflex tools, are also shared to ensure regular and effective care.

In conclusion, a daily self-care routine is presented, along with additional tips for caring for tired eyes.
Following this plan will maximise the benefits obtained to alleviate dry eye symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Estheticians express great satisfaction with the solutions presented in this handbook. They take advantage of the session not only to treat wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, but also to offer notable relief.
Indeed, even if the reason for the visit is not specifically related to a disorder, having the ability to offer a therapeutic response alongside embellishment is a real blessing.

This is the power of Chan❜beauté, which manages to target the origin of imperfections that manifest on the face.
Moreover, the multireflex tools described in the eBook are widely used in Chan❜beauté for many other treatments.
This holistic approach allows professionals to bring a therapeutic dimension to their services, offering their clients a comprehensive experience, where health and beauty are intertwined.

By incorporating the effective natural solutions of Dien Chan, estheticians position themselves as versatile experts, capable of addressing both aesthetic concerns and the health needs of their clientele.

It is this synergy between the pursuit of beauty and well-being that makes Chan❜beauté an essential approach for practitioners concerned with offering comprehensive and personalised care.

This eBook is also included in the following kits:

eBook «dry eyes»

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