booklet «Reduce the double chin»

booklet «Reduce the double chin»

No matter the cause of your double chin —whether it’s genetic, age-related, or related to excess weight— it is essential to stimulate your body’s natural self-regulation processes for lasting results. And it all starts with improving lymphatic circulation.

To begin, it’s crucial to eliminate energy blockages that hinder the proper functioning of our lymphatic system and vital organs. Discover the techniques and tips that will help you regain a harmonious face naturally and effectively.

To learn more and benefit from detailed explanations, I invite you to check out the complete guide.

We will follow a logical and coherent protocol in a natural, non-invasive approach:
- Stimulate our lymphatic system
- Liquify adipose tissue
- Move fat toward lymph nodes
- Encourage elimination
- Firm tissues
- Promote skin elasticity


booklet «Reduce the double chin»

It’s important to understand that simply applying cream is not sufficient for optimal results. To avoid spending a fortune on cosmetic products, it is essential to prepare your skin correctly to maximise treatment effectiveness.
By promoting microcirculation, we increase the skin’s ability to absorb the benefits of the products you use.
▸ This means you can reduce the quantity and choose higher-quality creams.

The double chin treatment is divided into two essential parts:
— For beginners: the therapeutic gestures. We teach you specific movements and techniques to effectively target and reduce the double chin. These simple and easy-to-practice actions are designed to deliver visible results.

— To enrich and reinforce the treatment, we provide you with professional advice. You’ll discover additional tips to enhance and optimise your treatment. These exclusive tips will help you maximise the benefits of the treatment and achieve lasting results.

This protocol goes far beyond simply reducing a double chin. By regularly practising these therapeutic gestures, you will also contribute to improving your overall health. The benefits of these techniques extend beyond physical appearance to your overall well-being.
Moreover, the Dien Chan instruments recommended for this treatment will be extremely useful for many other treatments. You can explore the versatility of these multireflex tools and use them for various skincare and relaxation needs.

In this eBook, we explain in detail how to prepare the ground for your skincare to be truly effective. By following our advice, you can make the most of your products and achieve visible and lasting results.

Remember that the key to beautiful skin lies in a holistic and balanced approach. By adopting good practices and promoting microcirculation, you can save money while giving your skin the care it deserves.

One surprising tip revealed by Chan❜beauté professionals is to start with a gentle neck massage using the Ova of beauty nº373. This simple gesture helps facilitate the subsequent protocol to tone and firm both the face and neck, contributing to a younger and revitalised appearance.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover this comprehensive protocol and acquire the knowledge needed to care for yourself naturally and effectively. By following these professional techniques and using multireflex tools, you’ll be able to achieve surprising and lasting results.

Take care of yourself and reveal your natural beauty!

This booklet is also included in the multireflex kit Bye! Bye! Double chin

booklet «Reduce the double chin»

booklet «Reduce the double chin» ➸ 14,00€
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