eBook «Mucular tension»

eBook «Mucular tension»

In this eBook, we explore the solutions offered by Dien Chan using the yin and yang effects of multireflex tools:
— Hydrate and drain to revitalise your muscles and eliminate toxins.
— Soften and tone to gain flexibility and strengthen.
— Soothe to calm and resist future tensions.
— Relax to loosen muscle contractions.
— Distribute nutrients deeply to promote overall well-being and relief.
— Energize to invigorate.

Allocate a few minutes each day to address muscle tensions and witness significant improvements over time.
Each technique is designed to be intuitive and can be integrated into your daily routine.


eBook «Mucular tension»

Consistency is key when managing muscle tensions.
While these techniques offer immediate relief, regular practice ensures long-term benefits.
Make it a habit to incorporate these methods into your daily self-care routine to maintain optimal muscle health.

For deeper results, consider combining yin and yang approaches based on the description of the felt pain.
This may evolve over time and we explain in this guide how to distinguish them accurately for quicker successful management.

Dien Chan is a balanced natural approach that ensures comprehensive care and promotes holistic well-being.

This booklet is also included in the multireflex kit Fibromyalgia❜pro

eBook «Mucular tension»

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