PDF «Express care cards PDF»

PDF «Express care cards PDF»

How to quickly start your care? How to always have inspiration?
Here is a set of 24 care protocol electronic cards.
They are your new secret weapon for fast and deep results in Dien Chan.

Each treatment takes place on two cards and offers the bqc·points diagram and coloured areas to guide you through the instructions.

Here is the list of protocols offered, knowing that each of them will also be useful as a basis to complete and to personalise your treatment:
- Face-lift
- Discomfort during pregnancy
- Regulation for menopause
- Treat acne
- Fight exhaustion
- Strengthen your emotional sphere
- Relieve acute pain
- Treat vertigo
- Headaches and migraine
- Premenstrual syndrome


PDF «Express care cards PDF»

Choose the protocol that best suits the situation and test each bqc·point using the multireflex detector nº101.
Select the most sensitive and consult the next card to fully understand the effects and indications of each point.
This will allow you to specify the origin of the disorder and to better understand the treatment.
Then stimulate each bqc·point with your detector (nº101 or nº103) or with the Little-hammer yin-yang nº128.

Express care cards allow you to take care of your client’s general condition. Once the person is well prepared and relaxed, your Chan❜beauté protocol will be even more effective.
In the list of proposed protocols, notice that some of them are perfect bases to complete depending on the imperfection you have to treat.

We have considered highlighting combinations of bqc·points in colour in the text and on the treatment diagram to help you refine your treatment.
To enhance the effects of the resulting formula, apply small squares of heat patches on each point.
Find the heating stamps sheet nº 644.multireflex.com to learn more about this technique.

◾︎ To learn how to personalise your care, see the blog article of the Dien Chan experts:

There are three models of Dien Chan point stimulators: The Smooth sphere detector nº 101.multireflex.com, the Yang ball detector nº 103.multireflex.com and the Comet detector nº 133.multireflex.com which is equipped with a larger end for sensitive skin.

This booklet is also included in the multireflex kit Express cares

PDF «Express care cards PDF»

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